Live Flamenco in Madrid

The word ‘Flamenco’ brings bright, definite images to mind, such as red, swirling, lively and graceful. Almost always associated with Spain, Flamenco is a music and dance, featuring women and men in gorgeous costume dress, heating up the floor with stylized spins and strong, willowy movements. There is no better place to experience this phenomenon than Madrid, a city big on Flamenco.

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Imagine indulging in dinner cuisine fit for royalty, all authentic and prepared by the finest chefs the city has to offer. After the hunger has been sated, you steady yourself for the emotional rollercoaster that is Flamenco, dance and song born of negative trials transformed into a positive experience. It is rather like the American blues, singing pain, but with accompanying dance in cultural expression. Flamenco restaurant El Corral de la Morería lies in the heart of Madrid, next to the Royal Palace, and boasts the best shows in the city. Many celebrities have visited this venue and embraced the atmosphere, including Mariah Carrey, Kurt Douglas, and Marlon Brando.

Perhaps you’d rather start your evening with this powerful and moving display without an entire meal to preface it. Relax with a glass of wine and some Spanish appetizers, or tapas, at La Torre del Oro or Viña Pe. Enjoy one of the most authentic shows in the area at Casa Patas, a restaurant that consistently receives highest acclaim in the guidebooks.

For a tavern tablaos, that is, a Flamenco venue, there is only one Cardamomo, a true purveyor of the art that is Flamenco. This bar draws a knowledgeable crowd for the amazing live performances that begin around 10:30 p.m. every weekend. These shows feature the guitar maestro and cantaor, or singer, prominently, for it’s to these sounds the dancers respond with passion and practiced elegance.

One of the greatest new venues for Flamenco dancers, or bailadores, is Las Tablas. This is not a restaurant where a meal comes first and the floorshow afterwards; there is no pressure to buy food, although it’s available. Simply, it spotlights a dancer named Antonia Moya, renowned for her backing work for other great dancers. Las Tablas also draws in the celebrity crowd of the Flamenco realm, showcasing guest talent, as well.

While it seems to draw a larger tourist crowd than local, Las Carboneras is still near the top of the Flamenco aficionado’s list. The exhibition here is extremely good and spirited, with fine meals. Its home is the center of medieval Madrid, which helps set the mood and ambiance for an unforgettable night of cultural immersion.

Flamenco is a kind of interpretive dance, rich in historical significance and hailing from the Andalusian gypsies. Its importance to the Spanish culture is evident in the very serious manner in which Flamenco is taken; it is not something to be dismissed, but a true and passionate art form. If you want to understand Spain, you must understand and experience Flamenco, a cultural heritage. Indulge in and appreciate this incredible spirit of the Spanish people, enjoying a sumptuous meal at the same time you soak in the sights and sounds of live Flamenco.

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Live Rock in Barcelona

Rock music encompasses a huge diversity of sound, each tending to have its own sub-label for further discernment, and this volatile music style is alive and well today. If you happen to be in Barcelona, Spain, then checking into the live music scene is definitely going to get you rockin’ until the wee hours of the morning.

For iconoclastic stylings, the Indie and Alternative rock scenes may pique your interest and there are few places more interesting than the Sidecar Factory Club, in the center of Plaça Reial. Secreted underground and twisting through a series of caverns and old cellars, hides this gem of live music, a very popular venue boasting some of the best bands around. After the live concerts from 10 p.m.- 12:30 a.m., which claim such acts as Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight and even Billy Idol, this smoky joint transforms into an alternative dance club. The crowd is made up of friendly 18-30 year olds, wholly unpretentious and seriously set on a good time. There are two levels to the Sidecar, with upstairs being the best place to relax and enjoy a beer with a giant screen TV to keep you entertained. The real action, though, is on the dance floor, which is contained in a large, brick bunker style room, decorated only in red peeling paint and a few benches shoved against the walls for seating. Under old brick arches and separate from the dance floor, you’ll find the bar to slake your thirst and recharge for the next round of classic cult sounds. Dress for hot weather, as this venue heats up quickly, in all the best possible ways.

Crammed into an old ballroom, Sala Apolo is, like most other rock venues in Barcelona, both a concert hall and a nightclub. Extremely popular, it hosts certain themed nights like Nasty Mondays and Crappy Tuesdays. With three separate chambers, Apolo offers a variety of different live music styles, which includes indie and alternative rock, but can also encompass jazz, electro and techno. Right next door is Sala Apolo 2, an extension of the first Apolo, featuring even more live, eclectic music.

Indie and alternative rock may not be your thing, and maybe you’re wondering where the good ol’ hard rock and heavy metal is playing. If so, Mephisto at C.Roc Boronat, 33, is the venue you crave. Catering to harder rock’n’roll, this club is a head-banging good time. Not for the faint of heart or those who don’t appreciate live and loud, Mephisto includes Gothic, Nu, Power, and Thrash metal, all at the same place.

Also rock out at the Sant Jordi Club, a small concert stage boasting huge names like Limp Bizkit, Blind Guardian, and Manowar. Razzmatazz, located in the industrial part of Poble Nou, is a collection of 5 night clubs hosting live rock music events including Dark Tranquility and Alter Bridge.

Barcelona has a lot to offer by way of rock and all kinds of it. If you’re going to be in the area, check out the scene. It’s for everyone and it’s a great way to enjoy the music you love best.

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Alternative Rock in Valencia

While the moniker Alternative Rock is a very firm genre, for purposes of this article anything non-mainstream will enjoy this umbrella. Most live music venues in Spain cater to a variety of sounds, so this liberty will ensure the intrepid explorer finds what is sought after. Valencia, like the rest of the larger cities in Spain, offers a thriving nightlife scene, with bars, clubs, taverns, and pubs a-plenty. Some are eclectic, some less discerning, but certainly there is a venue to pique anyone’s interest, and if you’re searching for something a bit different than classical jazz, rock, or blues, you have a lot of options.

Having said that, if you crave jazz but poo-poo the purists, La Linterna Jazz Cafe at 11 la Linterna centro de Valencia will be right up your alley. This venue boasts a huge, extravagant décor with high ceilings and a broad, central staircase connecting the two floors. On Thursdays and Fridays at 11:30 p.m., this place starts pumping with live music that’s innovative and original. An affront to the puritanical, this jazz bar explodes in Latino rhythms, nu, urban, and ambient jazz, splashed liberally with Flamenco, blues, and even reggae. Not your grandfather’s jazz scene, it still tends to lean towards a more mature, affluent crowd, so dress smartly, but casually. No entry fee and drinks are reasonably priced.

For something really different, young and hip, slip into El Asesino, a rock bar located at 1 Pz Cedro. Every Sunday at 8 p.m., it offers the clamor of a free rock and alternative rock live show. The ambiance is wildly original, with the inelegant walls covered in black and white assassin art, comic book style and animal skulls pepper any open spaces. There’s a gaming room also slathered in comic-style graffiti art and the middle of the entire club is just a big, open pit for mingling and socialization. Drinks are cheap, and the fun is free. A crazy little place to rock out in and meet the local student population.

With a strong emphasis on indie rock, Wah Wah (as in the pedal), stationed at 52 Campoamor in Pz Cedro, is known for its outstanding live music concerts and little else. While it offers an intimate and cozy bar ambiance, if there’s no live act, there’s generally not much going on, but Wah Wah garners some big and international names, so it’s worth a peek to the website to see who’s playing when live music is scheduled.

Matisse, a disco pub at 60 Campoamor, Pz Cedro is a live music haven, packed with a huge variety of sounds from all walks of instrumental life. It delivers alternative rock, flamenco, jazz, blues, ethnic, and just about everything else. It houses a large dance floor, but does draw a more mature crowd than the student bars around it. It’s a cosmopolitan hangout, and its patrons can vary night-to-night, becoming an average disco joint or servicing a more Carmen (bohemian) clientele. When no live music is playing, a DJ dishes out unusual but sumptuous music mixes.

Just a few of the venues awaiting you, these are all great places to start, but certainly take a stroll around and find your own personal alternative Mecca.

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Live Flamenco in Barcelona

Flamenco is a combination of live music and dance with historical and cultural significance to the Spanish people. Originating in Andalusia, it’s spread over the whole of the country, and couples with jazz to form the two styles of music most prominent in the nightlife scene. When visiting this beautiful country, a flamenco experience is a must in order to capture the struggle, the power, and the majesty of the inhabitants. Flamenco is an art form, a severe discipline, and should be appreciated as such.

El Tablao Cordobes opened its doors in 1970 and has no plans to shut them. Renowned for the power of the flamenco performances, this is a great venue to experience the show for the first time. A huge buffet is included in the price of the entertainment and consists of typical Spanish and Catalan vittles, but be aware the flamenco is not danced in the dining room. Authentic, colorful and vibrant, disappointment is not on the menu.

There was a very famous flamenco dancer, born in 1915 and considered the greatest in the world, named Carmen Amaya. The Tablao de Carmen is named after her and continues her tradition of amazing flamenco performances. Indeed, being named after her is a desired burden, and the venue strives hard to maintain her levels of excellence. The shows are not tightly choreographed or staged, but allow for individual expression from artists across Spain, both established and newcomer. Crowd participation is encouraged and this is one of the very few tablaos that will cater to special dietary needs of given enough warning. Highest recommendations, you won’t leave unfulfilled.

Palacio De Flamenco is different from any other venue in Barcelona for the fact it is specifically set to cater to a large crowd. Unlike other tablaos that work towards a more intimate, old school feel for sake of authentic atmosphere, this establishment boasts a large, fully electronic stage complete with spotlights and fog machines. The restaurant aspect lies out before the stage in rows in an elegant and tasteful cafeteria-style design. Shoulder to shoulder with other diners, a turn of the head allows the show to be viewed. It’s ultra-modern, but don’t let that fool you; the dance is powerful, colorful and theatrical. Music is live, supplied by the traditional trio, and authentic. This restaurant seats 450 and has offers two levels, both with excellent views of the stage. While lacking the intimate setting, it makes up for it in vibrant appeal and excellent dining.

El Patio Andaluz (Aribau, 242 Barcelona) is a restaurant delivering a couple types of authentic Spanish dance. This venue offers a fantastic flamenco show set on a small wooden stage and encompasses Seville and rumba, as well as others. The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm, with the first show at 8 p.m. and the second at 10 p.m. Bring your appetite and enjoy the offerings.

Barcelona, inside the province of Catalonia, holds a wealth of different entertainment and makes every effort to accommodate all tastes and styles. Spain is a hotbed of food and music fusion with influences pouring in from all over the globe. Use that to your benefit when you visit and explore new paths, but don’t leave before exposing your heart to flamenco.

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Live music comes in more than one format; it’s not always about the next concert at the biggest club, it can be cultural, historical, and even comical. Spain enjoys some great diversity as it’s close to so many influences. No matter where you are in this lively country, chances are there’s a fantastic show happening nearby that you should make every effort to catch.

In Barcelona
Don’t miss the incredible restaurant/night show that is simply called Monk. It offers exceptional food at surprisingly low prices and opens at 1 p.m. every day. While it has an afternoon menu, it becomes either ‘al a carte’ or a set menu for the evening pageantry, depending on the day.
• Flamenco, in all its passionate, emotional glory comes to life on Wednesdays from 7p.m. Elegant, strong, and tumultuous, capture the energy of this cultural identity.
• Thursdays are Opera Night at Monk, where the serving staff puts on a unique and unconventional display of costume and song.
• Friday Night Fever is on, of course, Friday night and feature musical comedy with songs from the 80s and 90s; it’s a fun overlook of those decades with dancers and authentic music.
• Saturdays are Indian Nights, where Bollywood comes to you. Dressed in extravagant finery authentic to India in all its golden decoration, singers and dancers sizzle their way across the floor to entertain you.

With so much variety to offer, you could literally attend every night of the week and see something new. The entire atmosphere of the venue reflects its name, as it works towards bringing you nirvana and awakening sensations. Absolutely a must-see, just pick your favorite day.

Radio City VLC in Valencia Spain offers a wide spread of different musical and visual delights, including, but certainly not limited to, musical comedies, ethnic dances with accompanying wild beats, steamy and passionate Flamenco shows every Tuesday, extravagant theater productions, and live rock concerts. It’s best to visit their website and check the calendar to know what’s playing, but with such an expansive venue, there’s almost something happening to fit your schedule and inclination. The club itself is very funky, with something like a warehouse look, but the ceiling tiles, which have stalactite lights hanging like blue icicles, are painted in a pop art style with faces, designs and other scenes. The unusual décor only lends to the electric atmosphere.

Built in 1945 with a 1040 people max capacity, the Teatro Albéniz, or Albeniz Theater in Madrid, is one of the largest in Spain. Though closed from July to mid August, it is still a fantastic place to see live performances and hear live music. Famous singers from distant corners arrive to croon their fans, but this venue also boasts live theater, dance and musical spectaculars, plus the annual Caja Madrid’s Flamenco Festival. Get tickets early, this venue is a favorite among the locals.

While most bars, clubs, and taverns boast traditional live music like jazz, rock, blues, and even some country, it’s a little more difficult to find the venues that offer more, but they exist and they’re worth the effort of digging a bit. Indulge in a bit more than just music when in Spain and take advantage of their wide showcases. These are memories in the making.

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Razzmatazz in Barcelona

At C/ Almogavers, 122, Sant Martí, Barcelona 08018 stands club Razzmatazz, a behemoth of a venue that is very close to unapologetically ruling the night scene here. With a capacity of over 3000 people, it still sees ridiculously long queues of waiting club goers on its busiest nights. It should be warned that Spanish time is not the same as North American time, and clubs in Barcelona don’t get really hopping until 2 or 3 a.m., after the bars let out; go at midnight and you’ll think you’ve been lied to. However, arriving so early does ensure no long line waits. (If you’re staying at a hostel, check with the front desk first and see if they offer any discounts to this massive medley of manic music; you could save a load better used on refreshments.)

The drinks are pricey here, which is to be expected at such a location, so you may want to whet your whistle ahead of time, and while laws were passed to restrict smoking, they are not enforced, so difficulty breathing in a smoke-shrouded room might very well be a reality. There is a terrace for smokers to go or just for a gasp of fresh air. Avoid this venue at all costs if you are allergic to smoke.

Razzmatazz is considered five clubs in one; a converted warehouse, the largest of the clubs is the one you enter into off the street and from there you can branch out, moving through the brick and steel pathways until you find the sound of your choice, and all the rooms deliver a different style.

The Razz club room kicks out high volumes of indie rock, with sweeping and strobe lights, resided over by a DJ. Huge projector screens are always displaying images of videos. This is exactly like the kind of massive nightclub you see in the movies and have always wanted to try.

Techno pop bubbles loudly in the LoLiTa room, tech-house screams from the Loft, electro rock and disco shake the Rex room, and electro pop boils over in the Pop room. Each room is bursting to capacity with locals, students, and tourists having an awesome time. Atmosphere is friendly, spirited, and low-key. Dress code is anything goes, but it’s not a glam bar. You’ll see everything from jeans and t-shirts to full gothic attire.

While this is The Place To Be for dancing until sunrise, Razzmatazz fills another niche, too. It’s vastly important for its live music concerts. This joint has seen thousands of name bands over the years with drops like Cyprus Hill, MGMT, Bananarama, Interpol, Motorhead, and I am Kloot. The cover charge allows for all 5 rooms to be accessed and includes the quality live entertainment, which happens weekly. Check the website for attractions and gigs.

If music pounding a hole through your chest and dancing till you drop is what you feel the need for, there’s no contest this is the place for it, and if you crave live music blasting through every available nook and cranny in a 3,700 square foot radius, you’ve found your fix. Make sure to check the live offerings, and rock out to some of the best sounds available.

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Live Music in Seville

Seville is the cultural heart of Andalusia, Flamenco’s birthplace. The city has strong Moorish architecture still in evidence and boasts a lusty, detailed history. Not a students’ city like Barcelona, Valencia, or Madrid, it still offers a large variety of live music venues to suit all tastes, and it continues to grow by the day. Two music loves of Spain as a whole, flamenco and jazz. Having established that, let’s look at some other stylings that may be a bit less ubiquitous.

Sala Fun Club, (Alameda de Hercules 86) jumps right in with a two-pronged attack of live music and dancing until 8 am. Offering live rock and alternative, hip-hop, and funk, it’s a pumping, lively, loud place to be. Thursdays see the DJ for dance mixes, but from 11 p.m. – 8 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday, this joint is rocking till sun up and beyond. If you find you’ve reached your saturation point with metal and bass, the Fun Club happens to be in a great spot that allows for easy wandering to the next destination.

El Perro Andaluz (Santa Catalina – c/Bustos Tavera, 11) is a recently renovated venue replete now with air conditioning and a hip feel. The Andalusian Dog has live music 4-5 times a week. Mostly, this is local music from area musicians, so anything goes from folk, to fusion, to rock and blues. They do spotlight a few out of town acts, as well. The crowd is a mingle of local actors, musicians and average Joes. This is an excellent locale to experience an authentic music scene. Thursdays are flamenco night.

Nu Yor Cafe (c/Marques de Parada (Arenal) is a bar inside Casa Carmen, a flamenco venue. When flamenco is not being presented, Nu Yor is offering its famous mojitos and serving up hot Cuban music and steamy salsa on the weekends. The locale is inside a 19th century house with high ceilings that seem to go on forever. Liquor bottles climb the wall in tidy array, and the place is clean and well kept.

Azucar de Cuba (Paseo de las Delicias 3, Sevilla) is a Cuban restaurant here the food is great, and during the weekend evenings, the joint turns into a venue for live Cuban music and dancing. A popular draw for dance and hot Latin beats, enjoy a Caribbean drink between sets and dance off your dinner, then order more.

El Cafetal, (Avda Ciudad Jardin, 5) a very cool live music venue that’s into its 10th year of delivering live music, is out a little further than the majority of city clubs and bars, but the atmosphere is worth the taxi fare and as a bonus, wifi is available there. It sports something of a tiki interior with lots of wood and greenery offset by an elegant, winding staircase. It looks quite unobtrusive or impressive from the front, so don’t pass over it.

For live music, those venues presented, outside theaters or cultural centers, are among the best choices, but new venues open often and a leisurely exploration will reveal which is your favorite.

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Live Jazz in Madrid

Jazz is a conversation between musicians, an exchange of ideas and emotions through music and can make for some incredibly interesting listening, leaving no two sets alike. While Madrid, Spain, may not be the first place to pop into mind at the mention of jazz, it stands to reason that the style is alive and well here, too. Very much so, in fact, and you might just find that movie-perfect venue you’ve always dreamed existed.

Most of Spain opens late, and dinner is often not eaten until well past 10 p.m. with nightlife jamming on until 5 a.m. on the weekends. Clamores, originally a Classic Jazz venue, is now stage to one of the largest jumbles of musical styles in Madrid. Some of the live concerts start as early as 9 p.m. and many sounds are encompassed, like folk, world music, jazz, and pop. Even Flamenco has a spotlight here. This is a great place to keep coming back and hearing new sounds.

Café Jazz Populart, at Calle de las Huertas 22, is a classic jazz lover’s fantasy come true. In the heart of Huertas, a raucous barrio many claim as the capital of the area’s nightlife, sits Populart, a purist café that summons some of the best jazz players in the world to take the stage and speak to one another through their music. Populart manages to keep a professional sound while maintaining the casual anticipation of an improvisational jam session.

For a venue that allows more than just easy appreciation, try El Junco, at Plaza de Santa Bárbara 10, which offers live music every night and an homage to blues on Sundays and Thursdays. Also on those days are scheduled jam sessions, where some of the best jazz players in the area arrive to exchange improvised statements. After the live music, stay for dancing, as you’ll surely want to get your dance on to the master mixings of some of the most prominent DJs in Madrid. DJ mixes include nu jazz, funk and cutting-edge groove beats.

Feel like dressing up and hitting the town? Slide into Sol y Sombra, a happening club that does not allow t-shirt and jeans. Looks should match the music, which means smooth and classy. The décor is stunning and the atmosphere, electric. Music is varied but always the best the genre has to offer; dance or just seat-groove to the satiny sounds of live jazz, soul, R&B, and even culturally significant Flamenco. Entry fee required.

Café Berlin opened in the 1950s and retains the same façade and interior décor, allowing the jazz lover to experience a historical visit to this jazz joint frozen in time. One of the most popular jazz venues in all of Madrid, it is puritan and strictly for those who enjoy bebop jazz vocals- no fusion jazz here. Harkening back to the days of jazz’s blossom into the limelight, this is not to be missed for the traditionalist or even just the casual time traveler.

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Live Jazz in Valencia

Given a passing thought, one may not equate jazz to Spain, but it’s an amazingly popular music choice there, and Valencia offers some of the best venues in which to hear it. If you are a jazz aficionado, and you find yourself wandering the streets of Valencia looking for something to while away the hours, you owe yourself a stop at one of the many jazz joints the city has to offer. They’re all worth checking into and some even serve appetizers in addition to drinks.

The Black Note is a very popular club often used a layover of sorts for visiting jazz bands on world tour. American, African, and European troupes all settle in to play some sets and exchange ideas. The atmosphere is laid-back and friendly, with a wide variety of audience participates. Jazz is not all that finds its way here, but a good mix of blues, R&B, indie rock, soul, and even Cabaret are offered in case you desire a sampling of other styles.

For more discerning tastes or mature crowds, there is the El Loco Club at 12 Erudito Orellana in Juan Llorens assembles a huge number of events, of all kinds, with jazz being but one of them. Do check the programs before arriving, so whatever is playing is not a surprise. The club itself is large, with a big dance floor and eclectic crowd. Dress is anything goes, but this tends not to be a very young adult hangout and better left for those with a wide appreciation of music.

Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar, located at Baja, 28 in Carmen, is owned and run by a jazz lover, and it shows in the dark, smoky atmosphere of the club, walls adorned with interesting photos, a wide choice of coffees and spirits, and the obligatory pool table. Fine jazz is piped through at all times, and bi-weekly it becomes a haven for live jazz, which starts at 9:30 p.m., fairly early for the Spanish crowd.

Most Spanish venues offer more than one choice of musical stylings and Café Mercedes Jazz is no exception. While jazz is in the name, it also samples everything from chamber music to Flamenco. The atmosphere is fantastic, too, and conducive to relaxation or just ‘chilling out’. The bar is also varied and holds as many kinds of refreshments as the joint does music, from cocktails to coffee.

Across the road from the Municipal Baths in Calle Alta at Dr Chiarri 8 El Carmen, resides the club So What!, offering many different choices in music, but featuring jazz and a fun, funky interior. This venue draws a large, mixed crowd from around the world. It’s a friendly bar with lively shows and a packed program of something for everyone.

Valencia loves its jazz and has a lot of options at its disposal. If you’re a musician looking for a place to jam, Café Mercedes Jazz offers open sessions, among other venues. Just ask around and be ready to play. More importantly, be ready to enjoy!

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R&B in Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain

Not Rhythm and Blues, but Rock & Blues, as it’s often called in Spain. Sometimes the two are separate and sometimes it’s a lively fusion. Either way, it’s a great time and offers a lot of variety. Alicante, Spain, is a great place to hear some in an atmospheric club or bar, where the night begins in the earliest hours of the mornings and keeps going hard until just before sunrise.

Most of the major cities in Spain are busy every night, but the weekends see special attention, and if you want live music on the beach, look towards the Game Café Avda. de Niza Local, 8 & 9. Starting at 5 p.m. and stretching to 7 p.m., very early by their books, enjoy the sounds of seasoned performers and local newcomers here. No cover means you can spend your money on something to sip while you enjoy the show.

Rusty’s Bar and Grill in Benitachell plays great live Rock & Blues on Monday nights with some of the popular local bands, such as the Brink. Delicious food is available to indulge in as you groove along to great music and old favorites.

The Jambo Live Music Club at San José 10 offers open jam sessions with established local musicians after 10:30 p.m. Of course, you don’t have to play an instrument to enjoy the live music, just bring your appreciation for rock, blues and jazz. Free admission and a variety of drinks of available, so sit and relax before the local dance clubs open at 2 a.m. and get into the mood!

Thursday nights, starting at 10:30 p.m., move your body to the sounds of Rock and Blues at the appropriately named Rock & Blues Cafe in Cuatro de Agosto. The café itself opens from 3 p.m. and goes until 2:30 a.m. on weekends, sporting rock and blues paraphernalia inside for an immersion into your favorite genre.

Desden Jazz, located at Alicante 94 – Centro Comercial San Vicente, is a very popular spot for a big mix of sounds. It caters to lovers of jazz, rock and blues, fusion, and even flamenco. Established in the 1990s, live music is what it’s known for, and for good reason. Indulge your senses and hop sounds, if you’re so inclined. With so many choices, there’s no reason not to sample other styles.

Steinways Jazz and Blues Club, on Calle La Mar 16, in Denia is a newer venue that features jazz, blues, soul, and funk, and offers a different sound daily. Sundays are an open jam session from 10pm, Fridays from midnight on, Charlie’s Blues Band takes the stage. Saturday after 11:30 p.m., enjoy the stylings of Dave Lewis and Friends. Other days see other events, and there’s something for everyone at some time. Free entry.

As music moves through generations and cultures, it alters, adding new sounds and possibly subtracting old. As a consequence, some rock and blues is pure to the source and some has picked up its own sound, depending on not just the venue, but also the artist. That’s not a bad thing, as it lends to individuality, vision, and freshness of style. Sample all that Alicante has to offer and find the sound you love best.

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