Live Music in Seville

Seville is the cultural heart of Andalusia, Flamenco’s birthplace. The city has strong Moorish architecture still in evidence and boasts a lusty, detailed history. Not a students’ city like Barcelona, Valencia, or Madrid, it still offers a large variety of live music venues to suit all tastes, and it continues to grow by the day. Two music loves of Spain as a whole, flamenco and jazz. Having established that, let’s look at some other stylings that may be a bit less ubiquitous.

Sala Fun Club, (Alameda de Hercules 86) jumps right in with a two-pronged attack of live music and dancing until 8 am. Offering live rock and alternative, hip-hop, and funk, it’s a pumping, lively, loud place to be. Thursdays see the DJ for dance mixes, but from 11 p.m. – 8 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday, this joint is rocking till sun up and beyond. If you find you’ve reached your saturation point with metal and bass, the Fun Club happens to be in a great spot that allows for easy wandering to the next destination.

El Perro Andaluz (Santa Catalina – c/Bustos Tavera, 11) is a recently renovated venue replete now with air conditioning and a hip feel. The Andalusian Dog has live music 4-5 times a week. Mostly, this is local music from area musicians, so anything goes from folk, to fusion, to rock and blues. They do spotlight a few out of town acts, as well. The crowd is a mingle of local actors, musicians and average Joes. This is an excellent locale to experience an authentic music scene. Thursdays are flamenco night.

Nu Yor Cafe (c/Marques de Parada (Arenal) is a bar inside Casa Carmen, a flamenco venue. When flamenco is not being presented, Nu Yor is offering its famous mojitos and serving up hot Cuban music and steamy salsa on the weekends. The locale is inside a 19th century house with high ceilings that seem to go on forever. Liquor bottles climb the wall in tidy array, and the place is clean and well kept.

Azucar de Cuba (Paseo de las Delicias 3, Sevilla) is a Cuban restaurant here the food is great, and during the weekend evenings, the joint turns into a venue for live Cuban music and dancing. A popular draw for dance and hot Latin beats, enjoy a Caribbean drink between sets and dance off your dinner, then order more.

El Cafetal, (Avda Ciudad Jardin, 5) a very cool live music venue that’s into its 10th year of delivering live music, is out a little further than the majority of city clubs and bars, but the atmosphere is worth the taxi fare and as a bonus, wifi is available there. It sports something of a tiki interior with lots of wood and greenery offset by an elegant, winding staircase. It looks quite unobtrusive or impressive from the front, so don’t pass over it.

For live music, those venues presented, outside theaters or cultural centers, are among the best choices, but new venues open often and a leisurely exploration will reveal which is your favorite.

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