Live Flamenco in Barcelona

Flamenco is a combination of live music and dance with historical and cultural significance to the Spanish people. Originating in Andalusia, it’s spread over the whole of the country, and couples with jazz to form the two styles of music most prominent in the nightlife scene. When visiting this beautiful country, a flamenco experience is a must in order to capture the struggle, the power, and the majesty of the inhabitants. Flamenco is an art form, a severe discipline, and should be appreciated as such.

El Tablao Cordobes opened its doors in 1970 and has no plans to shut them. Renowned for the power of the flamenco performances, this is a great venue to experience the show for the first time. A huge buffet is included in the price of the entertainment and consists of typical Spanish and Catalan vittles, but be aware the flamenco is not danced in the dining room. Authentic, colorful and vibrant, disappointment is not on the menu.

There was a very famous flamenco dancer, born in 1915 and considered the greatest in the world, named Carmen Amaya. The Tablao de Carmen is named after her and continues her tradition of amazing flamenco performances. Indeed, being named after her is a desired burden, and the venue strives hard to maintain her levels of excellence. The shows are not tightly choreographed or staged, but allow for individual expression from artists across Spain, both established and newcomer. Crowd participation is encouraged and this is one of the very few tablaos that will cater to special dietary needs of given enough warning. Highest recommendations, you won’t leave unfulfilled.

Palacio De Flamenco is different from any other venue in Barcelona for the fact it is specifically set to cater to a large crowd. Unlike other tablaos that work towards a more intimate, old school feel for sake of authentic atmosphere, this establishment boasts a large, fully electronic stage complete with spotlights and fog machines. The restaurant aspect lies out before the stage in rows in an elegant and tasteful cafeteria-style design. Shoulder to shoulder with other diners, a turn of the head allows the show to be viewed. It’s ultra-modern, but don’t let that fool you; the dance is powerful, colorful and theatrical. Music is live, supplied by the traditional trio, and authentic. This restaurant seats 450 and has offers two levels, both with excellent views of the stage. While lacking the intimate setting, it makes up for it in vibrant appeal and excellent dining.

El Patio Andaluz (Aribau, 242 Barcelona) is a restaurant delivering a couple types of authentic Spanish dance. This venue offers a fantastic flamenco show set on a small wooden stage and encompasses Seville and rumba, as well as others. The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm, with the first show at 8 p.m. and the second at 10 p.m. Bring your appetite and enjoy the offerings.

Barcelona, inside the province of Catalonia, holds a wealth of different entertainment and makes every effort to accommodate all tastes and styles. Spain is a hotbed of food and music fusion with influences pouring in from all over the globe. Use that to your benefit when you visit and explore new paths, but don’t leave before exposing your heart to flamenco.

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